St Tom’s Church

An eclectic Jesus-centred community with deep roots in our beloved neighbourhood of Newtown


Our services

In general, our services hold a blend of traditional Anglican liturgy and Eucharist, space for the movement of the holy spirit and interaction from the church community, preaching from the scriptures, and worship music from Aotearoa, the St Tom’s community, and other Christian traditions.


Traditional service


This service meets at St Tom’s Chapel and is traditional Anglican down to the robes, organ, and choir (Ok, the organ and choir is normally recorded music blasted from a stereo in the choir loft). It has a strong Samoan contingent and lasts no more than an hour.

St Thomas Chapel, 200 Riddiford Street


Family service


Our family service meets at Newtown School Hall and smells like bacon. Well, it smells like breakfast anyway, which we eat together at 9:30am, followed by a cuppa at 10:00am. The worship service begins at 10:30am. There will be many colourful characters from the streets of Newtown as well as many families with children. We have communion every week and our services sometimes last until noon. We have a wonderful kids program for children aged over three.

Newtown School Hall, 16 Mein Street



Who we are

We are not for the fainthearted. Well, actually we are if you are weary from carrying some heavy baggage. We hope you might find this is a safe place to rest a while. We have people who struggle with their emotional and mental health, people who struggle with addictions, and people who struggle with life in general (and that is just our vestry and staff). We have people who are passionate about worship and prayer, care of creation, social activism, the creative arts, honouring Te Tiriti o Waitangi, investing in our children and youth, refugees, and aliens (the outer space kind). We’re pretty sure we’d like you.


Mark Johnson

Priest in Charge
(and little-er priests in charge)

Originally from Minneapolis in the USA, Mark’s ministry background was in leading a missions base for Steiger International and accidentally planting a church amongst atheist kids, punks, artists, musicians, and hippies.  Mark and his wife Kirsty and their two boys have lived in Newtown and been part of the St Tom’s community since 2015.



What we believe

We believe that God is love and love is real: so we are passionate about learning from Jesus how to love God, love each other, and love the world.

We believe that Jesus has made a way for us to know God and has given us his Holy Spirit so that we can live as sons and daughters of a good Father with all the reality and power of heaven available to us here on earth. We invite people into this way of life.

We believe that the kingdom of God gets into us down to the level of our thoughts, emotions, and habits: personal transformation.

We believe that justice, mercy, and love look like something: community transformation.

We believe that God has a unique purpose and calling for Aotearoa, putting within this land things that do not exist elsewhere.

We believe that humble will be exalted, so we treasure the infinite value of our children and our vulnerable people.


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