Becoming Spiritually Bankrupt

Kia ora e te whānau,

I have been thinking about the phrase that John-Luke used on Sunday regarding our need to declare spiritual bankruptcy. Our efforts to manipulate God or other people by our list of spiritual accomplishments is pretty futile. It is quite freeing to live out of that place of total acceptance by a God who cannot love us more that he already does. He also will not love us less by our failures. What freedom! I pray that we all live out of that place this week.

Keep your eyes on Jesus,


(Insert by Gabby) A HUGE welcome to Wendy, Noah and Moira, who have at long last come to join our whanau!

This weeks message:


● St Toms Church Camp is locked and loaded! 29th Nov -1st Day in Ngatiawa Monastery. More info is coming this Sunday, so stay tuned!

● Just like last week, there will be no Soup and Stories next week because it is Schoo holiday. But we really look forward to seeing you after that.
● Youth church is on this Sunday at 6pm at the Cathedral.
● Come along to Richard's Big Bad Bible Study at 11am on Wednesday mornings

● Next Wednesday, the Spicy Old Men (and young men) of St Toms will be praying up a storm in the chapel at 7am.
● Do you happen to have any free furniture you're looking to get rid of? We have a friend who is on the hunt for stuff for their new house and would love your help. Contact Chrissy on 0211540865