Jesus is the goal

Kia ora whānau,

We live in a world filled with beauty and joy and also much brokenness and pain. When we live disconnected from an eternally good and loving God, we end up putting our hopes in things that are not eternal. We become anxious and worried or even obsessed with many things which are mostly out of our control (although we are pretty sure if we just try a little bit harder we can fix everything...). The Apostle Paul, however, invites us to find our joy and our life in knowing Jesus. He made Jesus the goal of his life. When we run toward Jesus, we have capacity to endure the suffering and the joy of experiencing the power of God. So what does running with/to Jesus look like for you this week?

Keep our eyes on Jesus,


This weeks message:


New Wine 2020 is fast approaching! Jan 16th-20th in Kapiti, were going to get together and celebrate the incredible God we serve, with amazing teaching, beautiful worship and great hangs!

Heres what you need to know ASAP: early bird tickets for full time attenders close on the 30th of November, so if you're keen to go, get onto it soon! Get all the info you need here.

If you're keen to come along to Ministry Leaders Family Camp this week but cant make it to the whole thing, the two evening sessions are open to parishioners. The sessions start at 7 pm each night (10th and 11th October) in Kauri Hall at El Rancho, 58 Weggery Drive, Waikanae Beach.  Koha on the door. Both nights Jay Ruka, author of Huia Come Home, is the keynote speaker  and  sessions will start with worship let by Cindy Ruakere and the Blueprint worship band.

● Soup and stories is back from next Tuesday and we can't wait to see ya there!
● Richard's Big Bad Bible Study is on Wednesday mornings at the Chapel, at 11am.
● Old Spice Mens Prayer-group is on in the chapel at 7am on Wednesdays.
● Youth church is on this Sunday at 6pm at the Cathedral.