A life poured out

Kia ora whānau,

It is the nature of God to give. It is the nature of God to empty himself (pour himself out) for the people he created. That was my takeaway from last weeks’ reading in Philippians (2:1-11). Jesus poured himself out because he was by nature God. He did not use his power to coerce and control. Because he poured himself out, we are rescued from a life of self-centredness and reconnected to the God who loves us. We now have the possibility of imitating Jesus by pouring ourselves out for each other and the world. It is out of the abundance of his encouraging presence, comforting love, intimate fellowship, tenderness and mercy that we do this. There is always enough. As the Psalmist wrote: The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing!

So, we are free to move about the planet with reckless love, following in the footsteps of Jesus. Keep your eyes on him.


This weeks message:

Panui- There's a lot this week, so bare with us!• No Soup and Stories this week, but we will be back in business soon.
• Ra Tapu: Kia Ora, on Sunday 15th of Sept, Ra Tapu is going to hit the 🛹 Rec Centre 🛹 in Kilbirnie after church. The rink is open to the public until 2pm. . So if we head there after the service with our packed lunches 🥪, scooters, roller blades ⛸, skate boards & helmets, we should be able to fit in at least an hour on the rink. Please let me know if you are keen. We have some spare seats in our car and can drop home if you need a ride there & back. -Cilla
• Everybody's Choir runs Mondays at 1:30-2:30pm at St Toms Chapel.
• Old Spice Mens prayer group is on at 7am on Wednesday
• Come along to Richard's Big Bad Bible Study at 11am on Wednesday at the Chapel
• KOTAHITANGA INFO: Kotahitanga is in Raumati this year, from August 22-24th. Everything you need to know is below: