The circle of Courage

Hi Whānau!

I hope you're all doing well this week. I just listened to Jono's message from last Sunday, and he absolutely nailed it! It was so good to hear very practical steps and growth areas we can be working on as a church in order to be growing and becoming more and more like the church Jesus calls us to be. St Tom's is a magical place where people from all over gather and get to love God and love each other. But I really liked what Jono said about us making a real effort to not do things FOR people, but rather do things WITH people.

We took a look at a model called the Circle of Courage, and its four quadrants :





By working on these four aspects of life (both individually and as a church) we start to really get some momentum, and thrive. We're all in different seasons, and so always bring everything back to Jesus and talk to Him about it. But let's all take just a bit of time in the remainder of the week to think about how we are doing with these four categories, and ask Jesus what's one ting you could invest time in this week. Maybe its having a conversation with someone that goes deeper than pleasantries, but rather creates meaningful connection. Perhaps its coming alongside someone and walking them through a decision or situation you've already walked through, so that were developing and helping people. You might take time to practice and grow the skills you know God has given you, or even getting together with a friend or mentor to help you identify your strengths and skills. Or maybe Jesus is inviting you to be generous in you giving; giving of time or money or effort or attention. And then whatever you feel him drawing you towards (whether it be one of the ideas above or something completely different), do it wholeheartedly.

At the end of the day, we're just trying to look more and more like Jesus.

So keep your eyes on him, and copy what he does.

See you soon St. Tom's!


This weeks message:


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• You'll be delighted to hear that Soup and Stories is back on this week. Please don't hesitate to come over to 311 Mansfield St at 6pm on Tuesday.

• Richard's Big Bad Bible Study runs on Wednesdays at 11am at the Chapel.

• Reminder to parents that Ra Tapu is going to hit the Rec Centrein Kilbirnie after church on the 15th of Sept. The rink is open to the public until 2pm, so if we head there after the service with our packed lunches, scooters, roller blades, skate boards & helmets, we should be able to fit in at least an hour on the rink. Please let Cilla me know if you are keen.

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• Old Spice Mens prayer group is on at 7am on Wednesday